Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

With the support of the Provost’s Office, TLC encourages faculty and staff to engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. We are prepared to support you in trying something new in your course and engaging in a project. This grant includes thinking how you might determine if your project is impacting student learning and the creation of a research product in the format of your choosing. Each academic year, the committee will award up to three grants of up to $2000 for SoTL projects. This could include training you need for your project, supplies, and a stipend up to $1000 for your time.   

Recognizing that everyone’s experimentation and research will be unique, your application should consider what type of report your work might produce – a written summary, a presentation, infographic, published scholarship, etc.   

As part of this support, the committee may ask you to share the results of your work with others. This could include presenting at faculty events centered around pedagogy, leading a discussion, or supporting other instructors with similar work.  

Please follow this link to SoTL grant application form